Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011

Today, Team #11570, The Mekanikal Maniaks 2 went to the district qualifying tournament at Kalani High School.  It was a big tournament, with a total of 20 teams.  Our pit tables were in the cafeteria, with the robot matches held in the gym.  It was an exciting, fun tournament, and to make it even more special, we had our very own cheering section, led by our siblings and families.  We felt really good about our presentations, and really tried our best.  During the robot games, we cheered for our team, as well as others.  We even got to do our own team cheer in front of the audience with a microphone.

During the awards, we were pleasantly surprised to win the award for "Team Work."  Right after that, we were still in shock, as they announced that Team #11570  would also be advancing to the State Championship tournament!  Great job, Mekanikal Maniaks!  We hope you can come cheer us on on Sat. Dec. 3rd.

P.S  We have decided to change our team name for the State Championship Tournament.  We voted to call oursevles the "Lightning Maniaks!"

 Meet Team #11570 - The Mekanikal Maniaks . . . aka The Lightning Maniaks
View of the robot matches, from the audience's point of view.

Celebrating a great robot match! 
 Winning the award for Excellent Team Work, and celebrating our advancing to the State Championship Tournament in December.
 Getting ready for the start of the robot match, in the gym at Kalani High School.
 Click to play a video of the robot game.
 Wanna hear the most energetic team share their cheer?  
 Click to play a close up of the robot match.  See the Lightning Maniak run through as many missions as they can.
 Hooray for Team # 11570.  Go Maniaks!
Here we are, with big smiles to celebrate our award for excellent Team work and for advancing to the State Championship Tournament in a few weeks.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Great job on your team work. WE hope you enjoyed it. Good luck on Saturday.

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