Monday, October 24, 2011

Sat. October 22, 2011

Practice makes perfect! Team #4003 is working toward their goal. Team #4003 was mostly working on their research and their props. Team #11570 is working on both research and their robots. They made only a little bit of success on their robots. The research has improved much more since the beginning.
Team #11570 is still going toward success!
Team #4003 is working on their Maniapp!

On sale from November 5th, at Punahou. It could just save your life.  

Robot on the loose! DANGER!!!!

Problem solved!
Here is the Mekanikal Cooler.  The cooler is really close to being done

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here We Go Again!!! Sat. October 15, 2011

This year, the Mekanikal Maniaks have two teams - #4003, participating in the Punahou tournament on Nov. 5th, and #11570, participating in the Kalani High School tournament on Nov. 12th.  The theme for this year's competition is "Food Factor."  We're hard at work, and want to share with you our weekly progress.  We hope you follow along and enjoy our blog.
We made a jig to start the robot in same position every time.

This is one of our research teams working on the Mekanikal Cooler.  They're making the props.

Team #11570's robot is going fishing.

Team #4003 is on a rat hunt!  Gotta catch those rodents to keep our food clean and safe.
We're "fishing" for our first mission of the game.
Aim carefully . . . and have your partner check to make sure the robot it ready
Here is one of our innovation solutions - The Mekanikal Cooler!  It keeps food fresh, better than your regular cooler!

We're doing lots of research online and interviewing experts to help with our research on Food Safety.

This is our other innovative solution, The Mekanikal Maniapp.  And you thought the iPhone was good?  Wait till you see this!

Here is our "Blog Master" working on the blog to share our progress each week with our viewers.